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Map of New York City (Manhattan) - street level showing 8th Avenue, 7th Avenue, 31st Street, 32nd Street, 33rd Street, 34th Street,
			Penn Plaza, Madison Square Garden, entrances to Penn Station, taxi stands, and direction to subway and PATH stations

Street Level

Main Entrances:

  • 34th St near 7th Ave (LIRR)
  • 7th Ave at 32nd St (LIRR & NJ Transit)
  • 7th Ave at 31st St (NJ Transit)
  • 8th Ave at 31st and 33rd Streets (Amtrak)
  • Service Drive (former taxiway; closed to vehicles)

Nearby Trains:

  • NYC Subway - 34th St & 6th Ave (B/D/F/M/N/Q/R)
  • PATH - 33rd St & 6th Ave
Upper level plan diagram of Penn Station showing Amtrak and New Jersey Transit with Main Concourse, stairs, elevators,
			waiting areas, restaurants and stores

Upper Level

Train Service:

Lower level plan diagram of Penn Station showing Long Island Railroad and New York City Subway with Connecting Concourse,
			Central Concourse, West End Concourse, Hilton Corridor, Exit Concourse, stairs, elevators, waiting areas, restaurants and stores

Lower Level

Train Service:

Track and platform diagram of New York Penn Station

Tracks & Platforms

Accessibility & Elevators

Elevators between the street and the station are located at the main entrances on 7th Avenue, on 34th Street, and on the Service Drive (the former taxiway, now closed to vehicles).

Elevators to tracks 1-12 are located at the Exit Concourse and the NJ Transit Concourse.

Elevators to tracks 13-21 are located at the Central Concourse.

The recently expanded West End Concourse has elevators to tracks 5-17.


Taxi stands are located at 7th Avenue & 32nd Street, and 8th Avenue & 33rd Street.

The taxiway between 31st and 33rd Streets has been closed to vehicles since September 11, 2001.

Red Cap Service

For Amtrak passengers who require assistance with luggage, Red Caps are available at the main Amtrak entrances on 8th Avenue and on the Service Drive, and at the Amtrak waiting area inside the station. Red Caps are generally not available at the 7th Avenue entrances.

Red Cap service is free but tipping is customary.

Luggage Storage

Amtrak offers luggage storage for ticketed passengers (contact Amtrak to confirm availability and price).


Bike share stations are located nearby - visit for locations, availability, and pricing.

Bicycle storage is not available in the station.


Penn Station is best reached by mass transit, but if you must drive there are several nearby parking facilities. Visit Icon Parking Systems and Central Parking for locations and rates.


Food & Drink (upper level)

202. Auntie Anne's Pretzels
270. Auntie Anne's Pretzels
262. Chickpea
241. Coco Moka Cafe
260. Don Pepi Deli
218. Don Pepi Pizza
215. Dunkin Donuts
230. Dunkin Donuts
264. Dunkin Donuts
214. Jamba Juice
217. Kabooz
219. Krispy Kreme
255. Penn Sushi
235. Pret a Manger
224. Primo Cappuccino
261. Primo Cappuccino
210. TGI Friday's
213. Zaro's Bread Basket
236. Zaro's Bread Basket

Food & Drink (lower level)

343. Au Bon Pain
344. Auntie Anne's Pretzels
351. Auntie Anne's Pretzels
363. Chickpea
355. Cookie Cafe
354. Dunkin Donuts
346. Jamba Juice
322. Le Bon Cafe
315. Magnolia Bakery
337. McDonalds
320. Moe's Southwest Grill
312. Planet Smoothie
316. Pret a Manger
339. Pret a Manger
363. Red Mango
312. Rose Pizza
321. Rose Pasta & Pizza
327. Shake Shack
313. Starbucks
326. Starbucks
311. Subway
336. Tracks Raw Bar & Grill
325. Wasabi Sushi & Bento

Shopping & Services (upper level)

223. Drago Shoe Repair
232. Duane Reade
328. Duane Reade
250. Elegance
253. GNC
212. Hudson Booksellers
216. Hudson News
231. Hudson News
263. Hudson News
271. Hudson News
251. New York New York
240. Perfumania
324. Soleman
221. Tiecoon
252. Tourist Information (34th Street Partnership)
254. United Airlines Tickets
222. Verizon Wireless

Shopping & Services (lower level)

345. Carlton Cards
328. Duane Reade
314. GNC
340. Hudson News
342. Hudson News
352. Hudson News
355. Hudson News
362. Hudson News
323. Kmart
309. Papyrus
350. Petal Pusher
361. Penn Wine & Spirits
324. Soleman

Banking / ATM (upper level)

220. PNC Bank
201. Well's Fargo

Banking / ATM (lower level)

347. Bank of America
310. HSBC

How to get from Penn Station to...

Barclays Center

Take a downtown / Brooklyn-bound 2 or 3 train to Atlantic Avenue - Barclays Center.

Grand Central Terminal / Metro-North Railroad

Take an uptown 1/2/3 or A/C/E train to 42nd Street, and transfer to the S (Shuttle) to Grand Central.

JFK International Airport

Both LIRR and NYC Subway provide connecting service to the JFK Airtrain; LIRR is faster but more expensive.
Via LIRR: Visit the ticket counter or a vending machine in the LIRR concourse to purchase tickets to Jamaica Station. Check the LIRR departures board to find a train stopping at Jamaica (most do). Speak with a ticket agent or conductor if you have any questions or concerns, and hold on to your LIRR ticket - you will need it to tranfer to the Airtrain.
Via Subway: Take an uptown E train to the Sutphin Boulevard station in Queens (which is located underground below Jamaica Station). Exit the subway station and follow signs for the Airtrain located upstairs (note: your subway fare does not include the cost of the Airtrain; you will be required to purchase an Airtrain ticket at the Airtrain boarding area).

LaGuardia Airport

There is no direct train service to LaGuardia Airport, but taxis and shuttle buses are available. Travelers can also take an uptown E train to the Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Avenue (or LIRR to Woodside) and transfer to the Q70 bus to LaGuardia terminals B, C & D.

Madison Square Garden

Walk upstairs.

Meadowlands Sports Complex / MetLife Stadium / IZOD Center

NJ Transit offers rail service to MetLife Stadium for Jets and Giants games and other major events, and bus service to the IZOD Center for concerts and events.
Visit the ticket counter or a vending machine in the NJ Transit concourse to purchase tickets to the Meadowlands station. Take NJ Transit from Penn Station to Secaucus Junction, then transfer to a Meadowlands-bound train (or an IZOD-bound bus).

Newark Liberty International Airport

Both Amtrak and NJ Transit provide connecting service to the Newark Airport Airtrain; NJ Transit is less expensive and offers more frequent service.
Visit the ticket counter or a vending machine in the NJ Transit concourse to purchase tickets to Newark Airport Rail Station (note: this is not the same station as Newark Penn Station). After purchasing your tickets locate a NJ Transit departures board - any train with an "airplane" symbol will stop at the Newark Airport station. Speak with the conductor when you are boarding if you have any questions or concerns, and hold on to your NJ Transit ticket - you will need it to transfer to the Airtrain.

Port Authority Bus Terminal

Take an uptown A, C, or E train to 42nd Street.

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2012-08-07 - Station diagrams used for WNYC's How To Survive, And Occasionally Thrive, In New York Penn Station, The Continent's Busiest Train Hub.


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The diagrams in this guide are not to scale. Some items have been distorted and others omitted in the interest of overall clarity.


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